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AARP is one of the nation's leading private providers of service to people over the age of 50. Though the original meaning of AARP was the American Association of Retired Persons, it has grown to include services which target a much broader group than that. Now, this group is one of the United States' largest not for profit corporations, with more than 35 million active members. The future looks bright for this meaningful organization, as well. With the baby boomers approaching retirement and old age, the group is expected to nearly double in the next eight years.

The origins of AARP date back almost fifty years to 1958, when a retired principal by the name of Dr. Ethel Percy Andrus founded the organization. It was originally intended to be an organization that took care of the needs of retired teachers, but eventually grew well beyond that. The National Retired Teachers Association is still a part of AARP, though it serves as only one of the many different groupings included under the organizational umbrella.

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AARP's primary objective is to make the lives of aging people a little bit easier through the advancement of their rights and opportunities. There have been many different efforts led at all levels of government to help advance the cause. Because AARP holds 501(c)(4) status under the federal government, it is allowed to lobby government officials. Because of that, the group has to maintain its status as a completely bipartisan organization that gives nothing to various political parties.

There are many things that AARP does to benefit older people in the United Stats. For one, their services arm, known as ASI, leads negotiations with various businesses to try and get lower rates for people over 50. Some of the organizations that they work with are tourist attractions, car rental spots, lodging companies, and other things that elderly people utilize on a regular basis. They also work with insurance providers to provide lower rate insurance and protect people over 50 from any sort of predatory treatment. The financial division of AARP works hard to provide legal assistance and professional training to members who need it.

The impact of the AARP's effort can be seen by all. It took a hard stance on healthcare and helped influence the government to pass a Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement, and Modernization Act. This has helped make more healthcare products available to members. In addition to that, AARP has helped to influence Congress in their decision to stick with the current Social Security plan.

To keep its members up to date on the happenings within AARP, the company puts out a magazine every two months. AARP The Magazine is circulated around the world to more members than any other magazine.

Joining AARP

In order to be a part of AARP, all you have to be is over 50 years old. The membership fee is relatively inexpensive at only $12.50 per year. With online registration, you can quickly and easily get a membership for yourself that includes your spouse for no extra fee. This is the fastest and most effective way to join the organization.

With Join AARP?

Joining AARP will provide you with an opportunity to secure lower prices on a host of different things. From insurance products to travel discounts, you will feel the impact in your wallet almost immediately. The organization also provides a voice to the government in Washington as it protects the interest of older people. If you need help living your best life and forging your best financial future from here forward, then AARP is an organization that can help.

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