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Aetna is a leading provider of in the United States of health care and other forms of medical assistance. Among other things that Aetna offers is dental insurance, pharmacy, group life insurance, disability assistance, and various employee benefits. The primary objective of Aetna is to work closely with people to help establish healthcare security for the future. Aetna works by giving their customers all of the information that is available and working with them to make informed decisions. In addition to that, Aetna is one of the top providers of employee benefit healthcare in the United States. They target all types of businesses in all 50 states, so the overall scope of their coverage is second to none.

Since 1850, Aetna has been one of the leading providers of consumer-based health care plans. Their many different options give customers a chance to pick and choose what sort of coverage they are looking for. No matter what the chosen plan, Aetna is dedicated to providing quality service.

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Aetna is a provider that is has made a constant commitment to helping people find their security by giving them access to effective, high end health care while also keeping that coverage affordable. The company has been around for 150 years and during that time, they have figured out how to effectively offer great health insurance. Aetna is dedicated to being one of the leaders in a new age of health care, as they partner with other health providers to create a more effective national health care system for the future.

Not only is Aetna dedicated to providing quality insurance policies for their customers, but they also take great pride in their customer service capability. They give people choices and break those choices down with easily understandable information.

Health Care

Aetna's Health Care service is comprised of the many health and dental coverage that they provide. These services are offered primarily on a risk basis, as Aetna assumes nearly all of the risks associated with the provision of those plans. They also offer a Health Care plan that is under assumed risk of a services contract. This, in turn, absolves Aetna of any of the risk.

Group Insurance

Another very popular offering of Aetna is their Group Life Insurance, which has become one of the top selling insurance policies. In short, this is renewable term life insurance coverage, which may either be fixed or tied to a person's wage. Aetna also provides Group Disability Insurance, which can serve to replace an employees income should be injured to the point of not being able to work. Also offered is a Long Term Care Insurance plan, which makes allowances for custodial care in a nursing home type of setting.

Large Case Pensions

Like many of the top providers of insurance in today's business world, Aetna has also expanded their service to provide retirement services. They provide pension and annuity plans for employees who are eyeing retirement. There are a few different options in this realm. You can choose from either non-guaranteed, guaranteed, or experience rated products.

Aetna is a company that provides Health Care on both a fully insured and self-funded variety. Some of these options include POS, PPO, Indemnity, and Medicaid protection. In addition, pharmacy and vision coverage is often provided. One of the new offerings of this company is the Aetna HealthFund plan, which sets its attention to families. Through all of the plans, Aetna has been able to effectively serve 15.4 million customers.

Another popular option from Aetna is their dental plan, which includes coverage to more than 13.3 million people. That isn't the only Aetna plan that is racking up huge membership numbers. The Aetna Group Insurance plan includes 13.1 customers, all of who benefit from one of the great plans.

Aetna Products and Programs:

Aetna was the first full national insurance provider to introduce a consumer-directed health insurance plan. The wide variety of options and programs provided by this company to its many customers is one of the many reasons why people consistently choose their plans. Aetna makes sure that their members have all of the information right in front of them when they are trying to make a decision. This makes for customers who have made a great decision and are happy with their healthcare plans.

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2 Customer Reviews
I recieved dental treatment which I understood to be covered under the Aetna policy, yet Aetna keeps denying the claims. Example, I had to have several teeth pulled out in Oct. and didn't start my Aetna Insurance plan until Nov. Problem being is that I had alot of missing teeth and needed bridges
Cov: 1 Cost: 1 Serv: 1 Claim: 1
This is fact not fiction. My doctor just informed me today 4/5/08 that Aetna is denying coverage of ultrasound and other lab work. In addition, Aetna is asking for the doctor to pay them back for claims already paid for these things for the last 4 years. I pay for this coverage on a group plan bu
Cov: 1 Cost: 1 Serv: 1 Claim: 1
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