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Company Overview

American Family Insurance is a company that understands how to treat its customers. For them, providing insurance is about much than just giving out a policy. In the end, it is the customers that keep the company afloat and they certainly have an understanding of that fact. With nearly 4,300 contracted agents working for the company and over 8,100 staffed employed for the company, you can understand why hard work is always a concern for this company.

In order to truly be a great insurance provider, a company has to look after their clients well after a sale is made. Part of being a full service insurer is having the ability to follow up with customers and handle their claims in a timely manner. If a customer is insured through a company, they should not have to worry about where their insurance company might be in a time of need. American Family Insurance understands that and truly takes it to heart.

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American Family Insurance isn't only about great service, though. While that is certainly a part of their business creed, they also understand the importance of financial strength. The company has the stability to meet the needs of customers, no matter how big those needs might be.

We are an interesting company in that our customers double as our owners. We are a mutual company that uses the profits to reinforce the financial stability. This is one of the main reasons why our customers never have to worry about even the largest losses or emergencies. The company uses an excellent business plan to provide everything that a customer could possibly want in an insurance company.

The American Family Insurance model is quite simple. Over the years, they have become a top company not through gimmicks, but by sticking to their core principles. They have a long term commitment to things like integrity and honesty. Along those lines, high moral and ethical standards have always been of the utmost importance.

The company features a number of highly skilled and diverse agents and employees. This mix of folks has made the American Family workforce one of the best in the entire insurance industry. They have a basic understanding of the needs of a highly diverse group of customers and work diligently with those customers to come up with a great insurance plan that works for everyone.

American Family has also taken a great interest in the communities that surround its offices. For over 75 years, they have made an active commitment to becoming involved in the activities of the community. By giving back to those around the company, the agents and employees of American Family have created a great deal of good will for the company that is often reciprocated with increased business.

Company History

The history of American Family dates back a long way. The company has roots as far back as 1927, when three employees and more than 300 policyholders began the company. From there, things have grown and the company has certainly multiplied in size. Now, 18 states are offered insurance as American Family is the third biggest mutual property and casualty insurance provider in the entire nation. Along those same lines, the company is also the 16th biggest property and casualty insurance provider regardless of type.

Only eleven short years after the founding of the company in 1927, American Family saw a great deal of financial success. In 1938, the company's total assets and premiums totaled more than $1 million for the first time ever. Along the way, more milestones have come, but the company remains committed to its original creed.

Company Statistics and Facts

The statistics of the company are nearly staggering. We have the size, financial backing, and overall reputation to offer our clients a number of different insurance options at a very comfortable rate. At current standing, our company has over $14.6 billion in total assets, while holding $4.8 billion in total policyholder equity.

As for the products offered by American Family, there are a number of good options that have become popular with clients over the years. It doesn't matter what you are looking to insure, the company has a policy for it. From auto to home to life insurance, there's nothing that they leave out.

Why Choose American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance understands that there is a lot of competition out there for customers. It doesn't matter what you are looking to have insured, as you are going to be introduced to a number of different promises and special offers. This company doesn't have any fancy promises. Instead, they stick to their guns and let you know the five best reasons why you should choose them.

When thinking about insurance, you are going to needing a company that has the ability to keep you covered. American Family is a name that you can trust when it comes time to protect your finest things. The company is very secure is it held more than $14 billion in assets following 2005. These numbers are staggering and show that the company has more than enough ability to keep you covered if that time comes.

The company might also be a good fit for you because the customers own the insurance company. Around here, that is the way that it's always been and that's the way it will be in the future. Because the customers are the ones who own the company, American Family has only their best interest in mind. There is no stock market pressure to make rash decisions. Policyholders can be sure that their best interests are being taken care of at all times.

They also know that you like to have things simple. If you can have all of your things insured by one great insurance company, then why wouldn't you jump at the chance? American Family Insurance has coverage to help you no matter what you are going through. If you need vehicle insurance, we've got you covered. If you have a home and need that covered, then you can come to American Family for that, as well. Maybe you even need to get a good life insurance policy? Even that is no problem for the fine folks at this company.

The company features agents who are always willing to help out in your time of need. With more than 4,300 agents throughout the country, there is always someone around to give you a little bit of advice or lend a helping hand. If you need a personal review of your insurance needs, then they are trained to help. If you have a concern over your policy, then they are available to answer those questions, too. Having someone on call is a great reason to sign on with an insurance company. These people are interested in building a relationship with you so that you can trust the company. At American Family, you actually feel like a part of the family.

If you don't want to take this word for it, then consider looking at some of the reviews of the company from the people who know. Over the past 75 plus years, the company has built a reputation that is now recognized among the industry leaders. J.D. Power and Associates recently gave praise to the company for its handling of its agents.

American Family Auto Insurance

One of the best things about American Family Insurance is its auto coverage. Everybody has a need for a car and we all have places to go. It doesn't matter if it's work, school, or a trip. You will drive and rest easy in the car, knowing that you have a great insurance dealer. The protection provided by American Family Auto is second to none when it comes to reliability and service.

If you aren't sure what you need as far as coverage goes, then you might want to check out American Family's numerous coverage options. Anything could happen to your ride, so you want to be protected from things like theft and vandalism. In addition, you will be protected in the case of an accident from any liability associated with the crash.

You might also consider looking into American Family's many insurance discounts to see if you qualify for a break in premiums. If you have more than one vehicle insured with the company, you will get a break. In addition, you could get discounts for having a good student, insuring your home with American Family, having factory air bags, owning a good driving record, or being between 50 and 69 years of age. At American Family, there is a reward for being a low risk driver.

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American Family
2 Customer Reviews
American Family Insurance is by far the Best Insurance Company when you expect to pay for truly good service. I do not think there is anyway AmFam will be able to make all people happy, but they do go out of their was to be fair and do a good job of it. I believe since they took on the JD Power Rati
Cov: 5 Cost: 4 Serv: 5 Claim: 5
never asked them for a penny credit score low rased my cost 450.00 more a year. talked too my (Agent just sweet as pie) got me no were.
Cov: 1 Cost: - Serv: - Claim: 5
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