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CNA Insurance is one of the United State's largest providers of insurance. At current standing, it is the nation's 7th largest commercial insurance provider, while also being the 14th largest provider of property and casualty insurance. The company specializes in providing large scale protection for more than a million businesses in the United States and around the world. With its primary location in Chicago, CNA Insurance also features a number of offices throughout the United States, in Canada, and also in Europe.

The primary focus of CNA Insurance is to do things the right way. The company prides itself on being able to provide customers with valuable moral values and a reputation of financial strength. The company lives to help businesses make a plan to manage their overall risks. CNA knows that good insurance is one of the primary building blocks to business success and they are willing to impart that knowledge with business people. Because of that, the company provides many high end services that can help protect a business.

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CNA Insurance is certainly not a newcomer to the insurance business. It was founded around 1897 for the purpose of insuring some of America's hardest working individuals - railroad workers. The company has been around for more than a century and during that time, CNA built a reputation of excellence in the insurance business. The tradition is important to the people who run CNA and they take great pride in securing the future of the business. Its primary tenets of service, growth, financial stability and ardent strength make it a popular choice for both new and old business owners. The core values that have been developed over time still remain at the top of the docket even today. Integrity, financial direction, teamwork, and diversity are things that have long been important and remain that way for the company. These factors are some of the many that have helped CNA build long term relationships with both businesses and individuals.

Though the long standing values are certainly a valuable part of the company's plan, the financial aspects are also very important. Businesses have given their trust to CNA and that commitment is indicated in the most recent numbers put out by the company. In 2005, the company did particularly well on the bottom line. They brought in slightly more than $10 billion in revenue, bringing their overall corporate wealth to just over $58 billion. With such high figures, the company still remains committed to keeping steady watch of their balances. It is their belief that such organizational skills are important to the success of an insurance company.

The company's particular insurance coverage plans are designed to meet the needs of various individuals and businesses. They aren't only concerned with providing valuable protection for huge, Fortune 500 business. Instead, they take all comers, from small businesses to the big boys. The company prides itself on having a nationwide group of insurance agents who are experienced in suiting the needs of customers. They have the experience necessary to evaluating a company's particular risk and going from there. In addition to that, CNA has drawn rave reviews for its long-term care policies. They have a number of different available options to accommodate groups when it comes to this type of insurance coverage.

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CNA Insurance
2 Customer Reviews
My daughter was rear-ended by a CNA insurance driver. CNA's adjuster never contacted us or asked us what had happened. Next think I knew I was call by a ***** from CNA asking us for our insurance information so they could sue us. They wouldn't return calls and when we did speak with them they wer
Cov: 1 Cost: - Serv: 1 Claim: -
David Fish
CNA is the worst. I was struck by debris from one of their insured dump trucks. I submitted a claim and it took them over 2 months to get back to me with a decision to deny my claim. I tried on many instances to appeal but the people were all very rude and mean. This has to be the worst insuranc
Cov: 1 Cost: 1 Serv: 1 Claim: 1
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