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Short Company Overview

The Chubb Corporation is a premier holding company for various insurance providers around the world. The company, which is also known as the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, is managed by Chubb & Son. As one of the leading global providers of insurance, Chubb has built a long time reputation for quality provision. The company holds its headquarters in Warren, New Jersey, but it also features a number of other offices all over the world. This provides an opportunity for the company to insure big business and individuals alike from anywhere on the globe.

Chubb has long been one of the most trusted companies in the insurance business, as its stock has been publicly held for four decades. It is currently listed with the symbol CB in the New York Stock Exchange and is routinely one of the hottest stocks available. This is because the company provides insurance that is much more than just basic coverage. The company prides itself on integrity, as the long-time motto of Chubb has been to "never compromise integrity". This has served to set them apart from other companies within the business.

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Chubb is a leading provider of property, casualty, and specialty policies for both individuals and businesses throughout the world. Not only do they take great pride in these varied policies, but they also value the relationships that have been built over the course of time. To them, doing business is about trust and they hope that people understand their commitment to that policy. The company is dedicated to consistently settling claims in a fair and timely manner. In addition, they employ a staff of individuals who are dedicated to learning the nuances of the businesses that they cover. They want to make sure that they understand everything about a business so that they can provide the best coverage options and minimize overall corporate risk. In addition to that, other important aspects of Chubb include their outstanding ability to underwrite a large number of policies as well as their inventive nature. They are a specialty insurer, so they are always coming up with new policies to protect certain companies. One of the other popular things that Chubb offers is their Masterpiece package, which covers the finer things in life. This provides insurance for vacation homes, boats, jewelry, and many other things.

Company History

The Chubb history dates back as far as 1882, when two men named Thomas Caldecot Chubb and Percy Chubb opened up the family business. It began as a marine underwriting company, which operated mainly out of the active port of New York City. The original funding for the company was secured with $1,000 from 100 different merchants within the city. With this money, the Chubbs set their sights on insuring different ships and their cargo. Even back then, the Chubb business took insurance into their own hands. They helped to minimize the risk of their various ships by sniffing out danger before it happened. Because of this, the company established positive working relationships with many of the company's major merchants and set itself up for success in the future. The original underwriters of the company reaped a nice reward from their original risk in helping to start the business. Uniquely, the company still remains true to its original marine roots, as it still stands as one of the world's largest underwriters of marine insurance policies.

Over time, the company began to grow, but they never let that size increase change the way that they viewed insurance provision. The company's outlook on size began to take shape and would eventually form their overall working principle. In 1957, part owner Hendon Chubb said about the company's growing size, "There is perhaps a tendency in American business to overemphasize mere size, whereas to me it should be a by-product of a job well done." That commitment to excellence is one that would follow the company late in the twentieth century and continues to help them along today.

In more modern terms, the Chubb Corporation was initially established in 1967. From there, it took a great step in 1984 when it first began being traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Today, it holds a prominent place on that exchange, as one of the ten most traded insurance organizations in the United States. At current standing, the company employs close to 11,800 people in its offices throughout the world. Though it has many employees, the company still has not lost its characteristic commitment to small time success.

Facts and Figures

Chubb is one of the leading companies in regards to total revenue. Recently, they posted numbers which have put them in a leading group among other insurance providers. Standard and Poor's consistently ranks the company among their leaders in all other insurance categories, as well. In 2005, the numbers were fairly staggering for this company. They posted total assets of $48.1 billion dollars. That was driven up by the fact that they took in a record $14.1 billion in that year. Based upon that exceedingly large number, Chubb is listed as one of the largest companies in the United States. The Chubb Corporation also made the Fortune 500 list as the nation's 156th largest company. That is not enough for the people at Chubb, though. In accordance with their long standing policy, the company was also named as one of the nation's most admired companies by that same magazine.

Chubb's reputation is what has made it one of top insurance providers worldwide for the last century. Not only is that one of the things included in their mode of operation, but it has also been recognized by many of the organizations that evaluate insurance providers. Over the course of time, many of the industry's top people have recognized Chubb's ability to provide quality claims service. In particular, agent and broker associations have constantly been pleased with the company's service. That claim service is helped out by the fact that Chubb believes in an "any day, any time" type of service. They have the ability to provide online service and they also offer 24 hour claims service each day of the week over the phone. In addition to the great service, the company has also been recognized by many publications for its strong financial background. Chubb's senior debt was given a grade of "A" by Standard & Poor's, which is one of the most highly respected publications on the market. A.M., which is one of the top insurance industry rating agencies, has also given Chubb its highest grade (A++) for financial strength. These ratings all indicate that the company is more than capable of providing top rate insurance to the best companies on earth.

One of the most interesting facts about the Chubb Corporation is that they provide top quality underwriting service for many different niche companies. They are constantly on the lookout for new policy ideas which could help to reduce the risk for companies who need this type of thing so desperately. This ability to keep their ear to the proverbial pulse of the business world is why Chubb has always been an industry leader and pioneer. This is also why Chubb is the United States' third largest writer of package policies. These policies are not just standard, run of the mill packages, either. They are constantly providing programs that are different from the others available on the market. One of the niches that has benefited greatly from this type of creative underwriting is the network and technology industry. Chubb has better than a quarter century worth of experience working with these folks and stands as the world's largest producer of these policies. Evidence of this is the fact that the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) has come out with an official endorsement Chubb's property and casualty life sciences program.

Risk Elimination

One of the most important aspects of the Chubb Corporation has always been its ability to minimize risk for various different clients. Not only does the company take great measures to provide new policies to deflect risk, but they are always looking for new programs to help companies with this consideration. In fact, Chubb employs a number of highly skilled, highly qualified risk management professionals who have the ability to assess the situation of various companies. From there, they can provide those companies with a number of different financing options should that company be willing to take on some of their own risk. This helps both Chubb and the companies who are looking to save a little bit on their policies.

Much of this is dedicated to those companies within the finance portion of business. For almost a half century. Chubb has been the only insurer to provide a devoted underwriting service for financial institutions. Banks have shown great faith in the Chubb Corporation and have largely put their trust in the company to provide coverage against liability, casualty, and other forms of risk.

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2 Customer Reviews
Last year I was in a bad accident and my car was totaled. I had Chubb insurance at the time and I still regret it. I had been with Chubb for five years more or less when the accident happened, but the company gave me a heck of a time when it came time to file a claim and process it. After months o
Cov: 1 Cost: 3 Serv: 1 Claim: 1
Living in Manhattan you need to take certain precautions. As a resident of Manhattan I insure everything that I possibly can because you never know what might happen. I got a homeowner's insurance policy through Chubb Insurance to protect everything I own, including the majority of my personal bel
Cov: 5 Cost: 5 Serv: - Claim: 5
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