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Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual is a registered trademark of Liberty Mutual. Liberty Mutual is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse or sponsor, the contents of this webpage or the website. Trademarks referring to specific providers are used by for nominative purposes only: to truthfully identify the source of the products about which information is provided. Such trademarks are solely the property of their respective owners.

The insurance company Liberty Mutual was founded in 1912 in Boston, Massachusetts. The main feature of this insurance company it that they have shied away from both TV and radio advertising, while still being able to maintain their ability to market themselves. The aim of Liberty Mutual is to make the world a safer place to live. The company's innovative insurance products have helped workplace injuries, illnesses, and disabilities to be reduced. Members of the Liberty Mutual Group are given discounts because of their member status. The company feels that a good education is one of the better signs of solid insurance risk. The company relies on in house account advertising to promote growth. Currently Liberty Mutual has around 39,000 employees and in excess of 900 offices worldwide. The company has hired many account executives, whose responsibilities include maintaining a good relationship with the majority of Liberty Mutual's employees. In early 2006 Liberty Mutual ranked #39 in the top 50 employer's list for Equal Opportunity magazine.

More about Liberty Mutual Group

Based on 2004 statistics, Liberty Mutual was the 6th largest property and casualty insurer and also provides automobile insurance. At year's end 2005 the Liberty Mutual Group had consolidated revenue to the tune of $78.8 billion. In terms of the largest company's in the United States Liberty Mutual is ranked 102nd. The company offers various insurance products such as automobile, assumed reinsurance, group disability, and fire and safety insurance to name a few. In 2001 and 2002 Liberty Mutual was reorganized to be a mutual holding company. The Liberty Mutual Group is made up of three principal mutual companies, which are known as Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company, and Employers Insurance Company of Wausau. All of these insurance companies are separate entities. The Liberty Mutual Group has four separate strategic business units and none of the units by themselves contribute more than 30% of the net premium to the group. Liberty Mutual has always been "helping people live safer, more secure lives".

Liberty Mutual Ratings

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Personal Market

The largest business segment of the Liberty Mutual Group provides full coverage for automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, and property insurance, through their sales force in the 400 company offices throughout America. There are two response centers that are appointed by Prudential agents, as well as the Internet. The company's biggest new source of business is with the more than 9,000 affinity group relationships, which includes employees, credit unions, and other various alumni associations.

Commercial Markets

The commercial market for Liberty Mutual has provided complex risk, disability management, and risk transfer services. A national market is in place in order to sever the complicated needs of larger companies. The Business Market serves the needs of mid sized businesses and provides a full line of various insurance products as well as creative risk transfer products. Liberty Mutual provides both short term and long-term disability products for many large companies. There are markets offering a wide array of captive services, which include rent-a-captive service having fronting, claims managements, prevention, and underwriting.

Agency Markets

The Liberty Mutual Agency markets are made up of property and casualty insurance, which includes carriers that distribute the company's insurance products through brokers, as well as independent contractors. The companies that are listed below will provide you with a list of both personal and commercial types of coverage.

America First Insurance (Gulf Region);

Colorado Casualty (Mountain Region);

Golden Eagle Insurance (Pacific Region);

Hawkeye-Security Insurance (North Central Region);

Indiana Insurance (Midwest Region), which also includes Go America Auto Insurance;

Liberty Northwest (Pacific Northwest Region);

Montgomery Insurance (Southeast Region);

Peerless Insurance (Northeast Region)

Wausau Insurance Companies (National)

Liberty Mutual also provides many types of specialty operation such as Liberty Mutual Surety and also Summit Holding Southeast, Inc.

International Operations

Liberty Mutual not only provides service in America, but internationally as well in 11 countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, and Venezuela. International underwriters are available to give customers global specialty lines of insurance and reinsurance through writes casualty, specialty causality, as well as marine energy engineering.


Liberty Mutual is a company that has the requirement of acting with integrity, as there are many people building their lives on the promises that the company has made and have put their trust in the company. For this reason Liberty Mutual keeps the promises they make.

Dignity and Respect

Liberty Mutual believes in treating all people with dignity and respect. The company feels that they can only build long-term customer relationships by treating those customers with respect and dignity.

Superior Products and Services

Liberty mutual has always aspired to provide superior insurance products and services at a process that customers can be comfortable with, while still allowing the company to turn a reasonable profit. Through this shared commitment Liberty Mutual has created a culture of growth and performance.

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Liberty Mutual
4 Customer Reviews
The customer service is outstanding!
Cov: 5 Cost: 3 Serv: 5 Claim: 4
You do not have to have Liberty Mutual as your insurance company to have an opinion about the integrity of the business. I have dealt with many insurance companies in my life and Liberty Mutual, alone among them, has a policy that can best be described as "refuse to pay for any claims regardless of
Cov: 1 Cost: - Serv: 1 Claim: -
I have been a customer of Liberty Mutual for 33 years using home owners and auto insurance. I have rarely used the coverage I paid for. But when I made a claim for a theft loss and provided all the documentation including court documents and a felon's guilty plea, Liberty Mutual denied the claim cit
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Nell Woodroffe
will try to go to district manager then regional manager then if no one can help , will file to insurance commission, service is suck, performance is worst unless you are somebody. make sure review the final insurance paper that signed if not u will find out a lot of monkey thing has been done on b
Cov: 1 Cost: 1 Serv: 1 Claim: 1
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