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Company Overview

Ranked 3rd in the US, the Progressive Group of Insurance Companies offers insurance auto insurance products to over 12 million customers. The company was co-founded by Jack Green and Joseph Lewis in the year 1937. Headquartered at Mayfield Village, Ohio, Progressive operates through three major segments - Personal Lines, Commercial Auto and Other-indemnity.

The Personal Lines segment handles insurance writing. Operating via an independent agency channel as well as a direct channel, the segment serves the private passenger automobile and recreational vehicles market.

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The Commercial Auto segment handles insurance writing for primary liability and physical damage insurance for vehicles that belong to small business owners. It operates through an independent agency network.

The Other-indemnity segment offers professional liability insurance to community banks, principally directors, and officers. Additionally, it also handles policy issuance and claims adjusting services for Commercial Auto Insurance Procedures/Plans in 25 states.

Progressive is the third largest insurance group in the US. The Progressive Corporation (PGR) operates mainly through its subsidiaries. By visiting the company's website - Progressive Direct, customers can shop for their insurance needs by selecting from a list of choices. At the same time, insurance agents and brokers of the company also offer insurance advice and policy quotes by visiting the customers in person.

History of Progressive Insurance

Progressive Mutual Insurance Company was started on March 10, 1937 by Joseph Lewis and Jack Green to offer insurance coverage for vehicle owners. At the same time, the company was also a good investment for the two co-founders.

Progressive had introduced unique ways of insurance shopping. For instance, the company had started the installment initiative, wherein customers could pay for their policy in scheduled installments. This was widely appreciated by workers who found it difficult to pay annual premiums. Additionally, the company had introduced a drive-in claims service, which was again aimed at the average working community.

Till 1947, Progressive had grown steadily and had moved to a downtown office in Cleveland, Ohio in the year 1951. After the death of Joe Lewis in 1955, Jack Green took charge as the CEO and Joe's son, Peter Lewis had started to assist Jack. Infusing fresh blood and ideas, Peter had started working towards building ways to set the company apart from its competitors. In line with this strategy, the company had launched Progressive Casualty Company in 1956 to handle auto insurance writing for high risk drivers as well.

Facts and Figures

Progressive Mutual Insurance Company had grown rapidly in the 1960s to become the Progressive Corporation. Peter Lewis was appointed as the CEO of the company in 1965, when the company entered into the new millennium.

Progressive Corporation had gone public in 1971 and moved to Mayfield Village, Ohio, in 1974. In the 1970s and 1980s, the company had continued to grow steadily and in the year 1987, Progressive had gone past the $1 billion mark in premium sales. Subsequently, it was listed on the New York Stock Exchange Progressive (NYSE:PGR).

The 1990s was a period of differentiation. Progressive had worked to create new insurance products, such as the Immediate Response® claims service - a personal auto insurance product launched in 1991. Customer support was offered to policyholders all through the day. They could call up the company and benefit from the personal service and support offered during a claim.

In 1992, the company had established itself as the largest seller of auto insurance through independent insurance agents. In1993, it evolved from being a nonstandard insurance provider to a company that offered insurance services to all types of drivers. In 1994, Progressive had crossed $2 billion in premiums.

In 1994, Progressive launched the 1-800-AUTOPRO (1-800-288-6776), an auto insurance rate comparison shopping service. Customers could call AUTO PRO for a quote and select the most competitive premium rates.

In the same year, Progressive launched the Immediate Response Vehicle (IRV), a marked and outfitted vehicle designed to help accident victims through trained claims professionals.

In 1995, the company launched its Web site - and by 1996, people could shop for insurance online. In 1997, the company had launched a real-time online sales service, wherein customers could buy insurance online.

In 1998, the company had announced the Personal Progressive (, an online policy management system and information center.

In 2003, Progressive announced a concierge level of claims service. This announcement had established the company as the first insurance provider to handle the complete vehicle repair claims process and help customers get their vehicles repaired.

Progressive is a registered trademark of Progressive. Progressive is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse or sponsor, the contents of this webpage or the website. Trademarks referring to specific providers are used by for nominative purposes only: to truthfully identify the source of the products about which information is provided. Such trademarks are solely the property of their respective owners.

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6 Customer Reviews
If you want to promote the homosexual Progressive. The latest commercial has two queer guys talking to the Flo character. The weasel little guy has on a shirt with the stripes of the \"rainbow\". I suppose Progressive thinks we are all doting fools out here not to see the shirt!
Date: 04/04/2009
Cov: - Cost: - Serv: - Claim: -
I was recently T-boned by a drunk driver that was insured by Progressive Insurance. He was arrested. Since that time dealing with Progressive has been a nightmare. First they said that my Jeep Grand Cherokee could be fixed when their adjuster practically accused me of exaggerating the damage. I to
Date: 02/28/2009
Cov: - Cost: - Serv: 1 Claim: 1
Wil Dailey
I've always liked Progressive, as most of my family has been a part of their organization for quite some time.... I've always liked them until recently when I was in an accident. The person who ran into me had progressive insurance and her agent said everything would be taken care of by them. They d
Date: 08/07/2008
Cov: 2 Cost: 2 Serv: - Claim: 2
After my first accident, Progressive was nothing but supportive to me. My agent went out of his way to make sure we would get everything on my car fixed up. The reps at Progressive are amazing, I needed to speak to my agent when he wasn't in the office so I was referred to his friend in the same dep
Date: 08/07/2008
Cov: 4 Cost: 4 Serv: 4 Claim: 4
I am a rural mail carrier in Illinois. While on my mail route and stopped at a postal box with my arm in it delivering their mail, I was rear ended by a progressive insured (I use that term lightly) vehicle. That was April 2nd of 2007. It is now July 22nd 2008 and still nothing. I suffered cubit
Cov: 1 Cost: - Serv: 1 Claim: 1
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