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Company Overview

Travelers was established in 1864, making it one of the oldest as well as the largest provider of personal insurance services in the US. The company is a part of St. Paul Travelers and offers a comprehensive range of personal insurance products for consumer needs, ranging from auto, home to condominium. Travelers offers insurance policies for boats, yachts and valuable items as well as for theft protection.

Travelers is a leading insurance provider operating through independent agents. Till date, it has sold over 6.6 million insurance policies and had written premiums of $6.2 billion premium in 2005. With more than 7,800 independent agents distributed across the country, Traveler operates through its subsidiaries - Travelers of Florida, Premier Insurance, Mendota Insurance and Travelers of New Jersey. Over the years, the financial strength rating of the company has remained consistent.

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With the help of latest technology, Travelers offers claims services round the clock. Through the company's network of more than 5,000 auto repair shops, customers can also benefit from instant repair services for their vehicles. Additionally, the company also has four fully equipped Mobile Claim Headquarters, which operate round the clock to offer claims services.

History of the Company

Travelers has been in business for nearly 144 years. The company had issued its first auto insurance policy way back in 1897 and since then, it has been growing steadily to offer world-class insurance services with the help of cutting-edge technology and innovative products.

In the year 1864, the company was the first insurance provider in the US to offer accident coverage. Over the years, it has expanded to operate through four main subsidiaries -

Travelers of Florida is based in Tampa, Florida. Founded in 1996, the company offers insurance services exclusively to the residents of Florida. The insurance policies are delivered through a network of local independent agents. The insurance service includes automobile, home, personal liability (umbrella) and personal property coverage.

Founded in 1993, Premier Insurance is based in Massachusetts and offers insurance services to the residents of Massachusetts through independent agents. The insurance services include automobile, home, personal liability (umbrella) and other personal property coverage. The company follows Travelers principle of round-the-clock claims services.

Mendota Insurance Company was established in 1989 and is based in St. Paul, Minnesota. It offers high quality insurance services that are not offered by "standard" insurance carriers. Round-the-clock claims assistance is offered for the residents of several states in the US, when they buy coverage for their automobiles, recreational vehicles or motorcycles. The services are offered through a network of independent agents.

Travelers of New Jersey is based in New Jersey and was originally founded in 1992 as First Trenton Indemnity Company. The company offers its services through a network of local independent agents. The insurance products offered include auto, home and personal liability (umbrella) coverage. Additionally, the company also offers coverage for valuables and other personal property.

Facts and Figures

In the year 1903, Travelers had opened the first school in the country that trains insurance agents. The following year, it had organized the first corps of safety engineers. In 1907, Travelers had begun to write property coverage.

In 1912, Travelers was the first insurance provider to offer a combination auto policy. In the year 1936, the company had launched a drivers' education program and in 1953, it had designed the first automobile simulator to train drivers.

In 1956, Travelers opened up to technology by installing its first computer, which was an IBM 650. In 1956, it was the first insurer to launch its own weather research center.

In 1966, Travelers had stepped into a new business age by organizing the first transcontinental conference call. In 1968, the company had launched the first claim "hot lines" handled by its employees.

In 1971, Travelers had opened the first insurance office of consumer information, where customers could put forth their queries about insurance policies.

In 1980, the company had launched the first interactive company/agency computer system. In 1996, Travelers was the first company to launch an automated fraud detection system to counter insurance fraud.

In the year 1997, Travelers launched the first insurance policy that offers online banking security for customers who buy insurance through their computer.

In 1997, the company responded to Hurricane Andrew by becoming the first insurance company to launch catastrophe response vehicles, which were self-contained mobile claim offices.

During the period 1998 - 2002, Travelers had begun to use technology in its business and had developed the following systems.

A Real-time quoting capability System that offers a single-entry, multiple-carrier interface for agents ATLAS3, a browser-based system that helps agents to handle quote and policy issues online TRAVGlass, the insurance industry's first auto glass online claim solution

In the year 2003, the company launched its website - Customers can visit the site to pay their bills or verify their claim status. Additionally, they can also access policy information.

In 2004, Travelers joined St. Paul Travelers. The new company leveraged the combined expertise of both companies and 285 years of experience to offer exemplary risk management.

Today, Travelers has a national presence with more than 10,000 agency locations and 2,000 independent claim agents located in 39 claims offices spread across the US.

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3 Customer Reviews
Like many others, I tried to find a less expensive auto policy also by going on line, etc. and decided to go back with a company I had used in the past. I am single, do not make a lot of money and have to do all I can to cut corners. I\'m not always able to have auto insurance because it is a bit e
Date: 05/11/2009
Cov: 2 Cost: 2 Serv: 2 Claim: -
Watch out for the little tricks of the trade that insurance carriers like Travelers and other insurance carriers pull. For instance, I had insurance with Travelers and found a cheaper insurance by shopping online and getting quotes. When I went to switch to another policy and leave Travelers behin
Cov: 1 Cost: 2 Serv: - Claim: 3
We have Travelers insurance on our home and we are glad we made the decision to go with Travelers. Just last year we had a small fire in our home and it created quite a bit of smoke damage. We had never submitted a claim through Travelers so we fretted about doing so, wondering how it was going to
Cov: 3 Cost: 3 Serv: 3 Claim: 4
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