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Alaska Car Insurance Quote

With a state motto like "North to the future" it is understood that the inhabitants of Alaska are progressive and always looking toward the future. Yet, the inhabitants of Alaska must not look to the future in the hopes that they will some day get fantastic premiums on their car insurance; the time to get excellent pricing on car insurance in Alaska is now. has the way for Alaskans to get in on the incredible car insurance deals other Americans are already getting in on.

Did you know that it is quite typical for the inhabitants of Alaska to pay as much as $1110.00 for car insurance, statistics from the year 2003 indicate that Alaskans paid more than a grand to make certain their vehicles were properly covered. What's worse is that the inhabitants of Alaska were paying more than the national average; in actuality, Alaskan residents were actually paying a hundred dollars more annually than other American citizens for car insurance. Why would consumers in Alaska pay more for car insurance than most? understands that car insurance costs are not fixed in stone but some consumers in Alaska may not, in truth, searching for a good deal takes a little bit of ingenuity and a little bit of research, gives consumers a way to find car insurance and money saving car insurance tips with ease.

No matter what the town or city, anyone that lives in Alaska does not have to settle for paying high insurance premiums for the car insurance they require. presents an Internet insurance comparison site; one where every consumer in America can easily compare prices by viewing free quotes from insurance brokers, brokers that are ready to compete in an effort to supply the consumer with the very best policy prices. At the consumer defines the policy needs and the brokers strive to meet the needs of the consumer, gives the consumer a simple but powerful shopping method, one that promises to save the consumer time in addition to curbing the amount spent on car insurance. The key to the savings one receives when utilizing a powerful site like is competition -- in fact, it is because of, as well as other existing automotive insurance comparison sites that the costs of insurance are slowly decreasing.

It is a shocking truth when consumers in Alaska realize that the cost of car insurance has been on a steady rise and that a reduction in insurance premiums hasn't been witnessed since the late '90s. In Alaska insurance costs in 1999 was nearly 900 dollars a year; since the cost of insurance has increased to the range of 1110 dollars a year, Alaskans have seen a rise in car insurance costs equivalent to nearly 24 percent in just a few years time! The year 2007 will prove to be the very first year since '99 that insurance costs will witness a reduction in its numbers: a reduction that can be equivalent to as much as 1 percent. This is because strives to increase the amount of competition among insurance companies: the more competition that exists the lower the price is for car insurance in Alaska or anywhere else in the United States.

There's no getting around it, Alaskans must have car insurance as deemed by the state law. A tort system of determination, also known as a fault system is utilized in Alaska. In other words, the party responsible for the accident will be charged for damages and expenses. The absolute minimum insurance requirements in the state of Alaska are found in the 50/100/25 policy:

  • 50K Bodily Injury Liability /100K Per Accident

  • 25K Property Damage Liability

Optional Requirements in the State of Alaska:

  • Personal Injury Protection, to cover additional medical costs that fall within the guidelines of the policy

  • Uninsured-Under-Insured Coverage

Requirements vary from state to state but when using a powerful site like, visitors can instantly access the state regulation information for any state in the United States to find out the minimum coverage expected by law. While it is true that Alaska is considered the Last Frontier, finding excellent insurance costs doesn't have to be an expedition, it is possible to discover lower insurance premiums at By using a zip code consumers get immediate access to insurance carriers, free quotes and car insurance information, instantly, no fuss, no hassle whatsoever. Again, offers services for all fifty states thereby making it possible for anyone in the United States to get great prices on necessary car coverage.
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