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Delaware Car Insurance Quote

In the state of Delaware, there are a number of ways for the average consumer to save some money, but only one way to cut the costs of car insurance. is an excellent web-based resource for those who are looking to save money on their car insurance, allowing consumers to compare car insurance rates and get some of the most affordable insurance they can find by having all of the information they need right before them.

Similar to some of the other web based companies out there, allows people to compare the rates that the different car insurance companies have offered so that they can get both the best policy and the most affordable rates that they can find. Having a combination of affordability and reliability is important.

On average, most Delaware citizens pay a little less than $800 in insurance premiums a year; at least that was the statistic back in 2003. The national average at the time was $914, so Delaware was doing pretty good as far as car insurance premiums go. Contrary to popular belief, insurance premiums are not set in stone and they are not regulated by the state government, which means that the average person does have the option of saving on their car insurance, if they decide to go through the right avenues. is one of those avenues.

The year of 2007 is said to be one of the best years for car insurance premiums, experiencing a ½ percent decrease in premiums that has not been since the late '90s. has led the pack, bringing the savings directly to the consumer by showing the consumers the different rates they have available to them and bringing the savings right to their door. Technology has more uses than most people think.

The Minimum Requirements for Insurance in Delaware

In Delaware, there is a Tort system in place, meaning that unlike those states with no-fault insurance laws in place one of the drivers in an accident must be found at fault at all times. The driver who is at fault must be held liable for any and all damages that were incurred as a result of that accident, along with their insurance provider. Although the requirements and stipulations vary from state to state this is the basic gist of the Tort systems. The State Insurance Regulators page has a link to all of the specific info regarding the insurance system in all of the fifty states.

In the state of Delaware, the legal stipulations for insurance are as follows:

Bodily Injury Liability: $20,000 per injured person, to a max of $40,000 per accident
Property Damage Liability: $10,000

There is also a legal stipulation for Personal Injury Protection, which is a coverage that helps to pay for medical expenses for those involved in an accident in the policyholders' vehicle. This is not legally required, but recommended by all parties involved.

Un and Underinsured Motorists is another type of coverage offered in Delaware, although it is also an optional one. This helps to protect drivers against motorists who have no insurance in the event of an accident or simply do not have enough. This is a great idea for any driver in any state.

No matter what your driving habits are like or how many points you have on your license, strives to provide the best car insurance rates in the entire state. You can't drive for everybody else, no matter how good of a driver you are and accidents do happen, in any state and every state. Car accidents, thefts, vandalism and other car related incidents happen each and every day and it is important to protect against such incidents.

No matter where you live, can help you find the best rates in the whole state. We have services for those in every state looking to find the best and most competitive rates available, just stop in and see what we have to offer. We are always working to improve our site and make it better for those who come to it. Stop in and see how we can help you save those valuable dollars, and put them towards other, better things!
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