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North Carolina Car Insurance Quote

North Carolina residents are like residents of other states when they shop for car insurance. The process of selecting an insurance policy and measuring the value received for a premium is exhausting for the most dedicated consumers. The days of cold calling insurance agents and comparing prices using pen and paper are long gone thanks to a growing online marketplace that is favorable to consumers. One access point to this competitive marketplace on the Web is which features dozens of insurance providers connected by a simple search engine.

Drivers in North Carolina need to consider where they stand in comparison to the rest of the nation in terms of insurance premiums before shopping at This objective measure helps residents determine the type of deal they are getting on their car insurance. In 2003, North Carolina drivers paid an average of $717 in premiums which was significantly less than the $914 paid in premiums by the rest of the nation. Websites like have been able to keep the average premium low over the years because they force insurers at the state and national level to offer the best prices.

Insurance premiums may be lower in North Carolina but these costs are still prohibitive for a number of drivers. The average premium in 2000 was $670 with a 7.01% increase over the last several years in the state of North Carolina. Drivers have seen similar increases in their local and state taxes as well as the cost of housing which compounds the lesser expenses of car insurance. and other online search tools for insurance shoppers have made a noticeable difference with the first decreases expected in North Carolina premiums in 2007 and 2008. Any driver can head to to take advantage of the expected 1% decrease in premiums as well as special rates available for excellent driving.

The shopping experience for North Carolina car insurance needs to begin with an assessment of state insurance laws. The state's legal system focuses on tort laws which means that all civil cases need to be resolved with victimized parties given restitution from the responsible party. Shoppers on are able to research North Carolina insurance laws as well as enforcement procedures through the state's insurance regulators.

There is a minimum set of requirements for car insurance policies in the state of North Carolina. State legislators have created a 30/60/25 formula for all motorists who are shopping for new insurance. This formula is a necessity for all motorists in order to operate a motor vehicle legally on all state roads. Drivers need to have insurance that provides at least $30,000 in coverage for bodily injuries per person in your vehicle and $60,000 of similar coverage per accident. Insurance policies in North Carolina need a minimum of $25,000 in property damage liability to protect property owners and motorists from financial damages caused by an accident. Every insurer promoted through begins their policy offerings to North Carolina residents with these legal minimums to provide adequate coverage.

In order to get an accurate quote for free at, North Carolina residents need to know which options are ideal for them. Theft protection may seem like an unnecessary expense while shopping but this coverage provides rental cars, credit protection and other tools to prevent car thefts from disrupting your life. Personal injury protection (PIP) bridges the space between your car insurance and health coverage when it comes to necessary surgery following an accident. Drivers should also consider uninsured motorist coverage in case of an accident with an out-of-state motorist or a resident driver who has not met the legal requirements for car insurance.
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