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Tennessee Car Insurance Quote

In the state of Tennessee, there is certainly more than one way to save a few bucks here and there on most of the things you need in life, but as far as saving money on car insurance there is only one way to do that. is the only web based insurance marketplace offered like this, where you can get fabulous car insurance prices for most of the common insurance carriers in the whole state of Tennessee. When you match one customer up with more than one rate, you can only get one thing and that is SAVINGS. offers customers a great way to get car insurance, and get the best rates at the same time not only helping you to keep more of your own cash, but helping you to use your money for better things as well. offers great rates for Tennessee residents in just about every city in Tennessee. Stop by and get a free car insurance quote for your city!

In 2003, it was said that the average Tennessee citizen paid less than $800 in insurance premiums that year, which is nothing compared to the more than $900 in premiums the average policyholder paid this year. Contrary to popular belief, insurance rates are not set by the industry and they are not fixed; it is just a matter of finding the right rates and can help you to do that.

This year, 2007, is supposed to be one of the best years for car insurance. There is said to be a decrease in car insurance rates, as much as one percent this year as compared to the 2006 fiscal year with help from sites like It is only through the help of sites like these that consumers are able to reap the benefits of saving money on their car insurance, money that is probably much needed for other things. Oh, the things that technology has helped us in!

Minimum Requirements for Insurance in the State of Tennessee

In Tennessee, the insurance system goes by the Tort system, unlike a few other states that go by another system. What that means is that whenever an accident occurs, one of the drivers involved in the accident must be found as having the most fault in the accident, and it is the responsibility of that driver to pay the damages, through their insurance company of course. The details of the Tort system vary from state to state, but checking with your agent is the best way to get the most firm details on how the system works in your state. The State Insurance Regulator's site can also give you that information, which link you can find on the website.

In Tennessee, the minimum requirements for insurance are as follows:

Bodily Injury Liability $25,000 per injured human being, no more than a total of $50,000 per covered accident

Property Damage Liability $10,000 minimum limit

Also, PIP (Personal Injury Protection) helps to pay for reasonable and customary medical expenses that are incurred by the driver and their passenger as a result of an accident. While this is not a requirement, it certainly is a smart idea.

Coverage for uninsured and underinsured motorists is also an option for many people; this helps to cover the cost of an accident that occurs with a person who has no insurance or less insurance than it takes to cover the cost of an accident. This is not a state requirement, but this coverage is also a good idea.

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