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The state of Washington's motto, Al-ki, means, "by and by." Most Washingtonians are willing to let life come at them as it will. However, when it comes to car insurance, the state has strict laws about what coverage you must have. Sometimes people are tempted to forgo this coverage because it can be so expensive, but with sites like and the power of the internet, you can find affordable, competitive rates on your car insurance. Start the process by getting your free quote for your Washington city.

Washingtonians are paying close to the national average for their car insurance premiums. Take the year 2003 for example. The average driver in Washington paid $924 for their car insurance, while nationally drivers were paying $914. The sad fact is, however, that many people were paying more than necessary because of a false belief that these rates were fixed by the state or by the insurance companies. There are competitive rates out there. All you need to do is get your free quote from to see for yourself.

You also want to get your free quote to make sure you are taking advantage of the rate decreases that come by and by, such as the .5% to 1% decrease expected in 2007. it's through the work of sites like that these decreases happen. When consumers can use technology to shop around for better prices, insurance companies are forced to make their premiums fair.

Rates are constantly changing for insurance in the state of Washington. In 2003 residents of the Evergreen State were paying around $924 for car insurance, and this was a 17.71% increase over the 1999 figure of $785! Just 4 years made a tremendous difference in how much Washingtonians were paying for their car insurance. To make sure you are not being charged unfair increases for your current policy, get your online quote now.

Under Washington's state law, a driver must be proven to be the one who is at fault for an accident before his insurance company can be charged for the damages caused by the accident. This type of law is called a tort system, and the tort system changes from state to state. To find out more about your state's particular laws, visit our State Insurance Regulators page to find a link to you state's insurance regulator's website.

In Washington you must have $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in coverage for Bodily Injury Liability coverage. Also, you must have Property Damage Liability coverage for at least $10,000. These numbers are often called 25/50/10 coverage.

When you purchase car insurance, you will be offered other optional coverage options, such as Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage. This will protect both you and your passengers from any injury caused by a driver who has no car insurance. Another optional coverage you may want to purchase is Personal Injury Protection, otherwise known as PIP. PIP will help pay the bills for any medical claims you or your passengers experience after an accident. Neither of these coverage options is required by Washington's current laws.

Perhaps you are wondering if you can save money with a poor driving record. It doesn't matter how good or bad your driving record is, is dedicated to finding all Washington drivers a better rate for their car insurance. You can see for yourself by getting your free quote. All you have to do is input your zip code above.

Are you shopping for car insurance for another state besides Washington? We can help you find a low rate as well. You can look for your own car insurance by entering your zip code above or clicking on the link for your state below. Either way, you will find quality companies in your state that offer low, competitive car insurance rates.
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